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Welcome to the official site for Cabell County Emergency Medical Services. Since 1974 CCEMS has been providing the citizens of Cabell County and the City of Huntington West Virginia with quality emergency medical and rescue technical services.

Our Mission is to preserve of life and limb through the delivery of fast and efficient pre-hospital care. Whether it is an illness or injury, the need for rescue and technical services, disasters man made or natural, Cabell County EMS will be there for you!

In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1


The WV State Mapping and Addressing Board devised a formula for all counties to follow for the purposes of assigning “city-style” address to all structures in a county making it easier for first responders to locate an address. The purpose was to eliminate duplicate road names, assign addresses where they don’t exist, provide numbers that make sense to responders and establish an addressing method that would allow growth and or change. All 55 counties in WV have been given this mandate and they all have been directed to follow the same formula. Cabell County has currently completed the areas of Salt Rock, Branchland(Cabell County portion), Glenwood and Culloden. For a list of road name changes or any other questions please go to


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