2/11/2016 – WSAZ Investigates: A Dose of Reality

Body Cam records CCEMS Paramedics responding to a drug overdose

11/21/215 – DT4EMS at Cabell County EMS – Self-Defense Training

Paramedic Dustin Hazelett (Former UFC Fighter) speaks about DT4EMS

6/25/2015 – St. Mary’s Congratulates Cabell County EMS

5/19/2014 – Cabell Huntington Hospital ER: Any emergency. Any stage of life. Any time.

4/22/2013 -Cabell Huntington Hospital Honors Local EMS Providers

3/14/2013 – EMS “Shine” Cabell Huntington Hospital

3/14/2013 – EMS “Heroes” Cabell Huntington Hospital

11/18/2011 – Cabell Huntington Hospital ER – “We depend on EMS and HealthNet.”

10/12/2011 – Saving Lives – Cabell Huntington Hospital Salutes the Region’s EMS Providers

10/12/2011 – Cabell Huntington Hospital Salutes Tri-State EMS Providers

2/11/2011 – Tri State EMS Tribute KY, OH, WV (Courtesy of shelleylock -YouTube)