St. Mary’s Medical Center Donates ambulance to Cabell County

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St. Mary’s Medical Center donates ambulance to Cabell County

HUNTINGTON, WV (WCHS/WVAH) — Cabell County EMS got a much needed gift Thursday morning from the St. Mary’s Medical Center.

The gift was a new ambulance, which was unveiled Thursday morning at the Cabell County Courthouse.

The price tag of the emergency vehicle was $140,000, not including the equipment needed inside.

It will be used to transport patients locally and to take them to hospitals outside the region. It will be replacing an older ambulance with high mileage.

Cabell County EMS director Gordon Merry said he was already in the process of trying to find the money for a new ambulance.

“You’ve got to think outside the box now how to take money and make it go a lot farther. The problem is, I would not have been able to do other things if I had to buy this vehicle,” Merry said.

This is the second ambulance St. Mary’s has purchased for Cabell County EMS.