Cabell-Wayne LEPC OES

The Counties of Cabell and Wayne have long recognized the importance of collaboration and coordination in emergency planning, response and recovery as a means of providing the most economical services and protection to the communities. Therefore they created the Cabell/Wayne Local Emergency Planning Committee in 1987 to meet the EPCRA requirements. The Committee area of responsibility encompasses the two county region and is designated for these purposes as the Cabell/Wayne Local Emergency Planning District (C/WLEPD).

The purpose of the Cabell / Wayne Local Emergency Planning Committee is to:

  • 1) Comply with all legal requirements of the Federal Emergency Planning and Community right-To-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986.
  • 2) Address the emergency preparedness requirements of Cabell County, Wayne County, and the City of Huntington for all emergencies that may impact the Cabell/Wayne Emergency Planning District (C/WLEPD) in a manner that compliments the efforts of the three subject jurisdictions with formal emergency management programs.
  • 3) Provide the emergency management, emergency communications, emergency response, and emergency support organizations in the C/WLEPD with an emergency management training resource and emergency management reference resource, as well as a readily available emergency response plan.
  • 4) Provide the public with emergency preparedness information.

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