Cabell County Assessor Disaster Reporting

Disaster Reporting

Residents of Cabell County, who are impacted by flood related damage to their home or business as a result of the May 2022 flooding are encouraged to utilize this online self-reporting document. If you are having trouble reporting electronically or have further questions, please call the temporary dedicated phone line for this project, 304-972-2285. After reporting, Assessor Irv Johnson will personally follow up with you.

Why should I report?

By reporting flood damage to the Assessor’s Office, the appraisers will have the needed information to reassess your property for the 2023 tax year. PLEASE NOTE, the 2022 tax bill that you will be receiving in July, is based on the assessed value of your property on July 1, 2021. Therefore, by state code, any reduction in the assessed value will be reflected on the 2023 tax ticket. (Tax tickets are always based on the previous year’s assessment.)

What should I report?

Report damage that still exists on July 1, 2022. Only report damage to the exterior or interior of your home, garage, or storage building. Examples may include, drywall, flooring, sub flooring, cabinetry, erosion, or structural damage. Items that ARE included in your assessment, and should also be reported, would include:  HVAC systems, hot water tanks, electrical breaker boxes, duct work.

Do not report damages to items such as cars and other personal property (appliances, furniture, clothing, landscaping, fences, etc.) as these items are not included in your assessment.