Cabell County EMS began originally as a part of the Sheriff’s department, or S.T.O.P. (Sheriffs Technical Officers Patrol) in 1974. Since the department’s inception the goal has been to provide fast and compassionate care for the critically ill and injured citizens of Cabell County and the City of Huntington. The department has progressed from its roots into a separate department, under the direction of A. Gordon Merry III, that deals not only with emergency medicine but with any emergency that faces anyone in Cabell County.

CCEMS operates 17 ambulances in 8 stations throughout Cabell County. We provide BLS, ALS, and Critical Care transport services as well as Emergency 911 Service for Cabell County and the City of Huntington.

*** NOTE *** Never assume an ambulance crew is in station!!!! Even though CCEMS Stations are staffed 24/7 365 days a year, crews may be out of the station at any given time.  If you have an emergency, please call 911 so the most appropriate help can be sent to your location.

Station 1

Station 1 is located in Ona, WV along US Route 60. It is our first true EMS station and served as the first Headquarters for the department.  Station one houses Squad 11.

Station 2

Station 2 is located along Norway Avenue in Huntington WV. Affectionately and sometimes derogatorily referred to as “the deuce”. It is one of the busiest EMS stations in the State of West Virginia. Station 2 is home of Squads 21 and 22.

Station 3

Station 3 is located in Huntington WV. It is our oldest station and dates back to the early 1900s when it was a Huntington Fire station. Station 3 is the current home for Squads 31 and 32.

Station 4

Station 4 is located in Guyandotte in the east end of Huntington, WV along WV Route 2 and is the home to Squads 41 and 42.

Station 5

Station 5 “The Rock” is located in Salt Rock, WV. It is the home for Squad 51 (Sorry, Johnny and Roy aren’t there…)

Station 6

Station 6 is located in the west end of Huntington, WV on Adams Avenue. This busy station is the home of Squads 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 and 66.

Station 7

Station 7 is located in Milton, WV along US Route 60 and is one of our newest stations.  It is the home of Squad 71 and other auxiliary equipment.

Station 8 – The A.G. Merry III Station

Station 8, or the  A.G. Merry, III station, named after the Cabell County EMS Director since 1974, is located in Barboursville, WV and is the home of Squads 81 and 82. It also houses the Sheriff Department’s mobile command center.

Station 9

Station 9 is located on 20th street, Huntington, WV.   It is the home of the supervisory staff.