In 1974, Cabell County created STOP, or the Sheriffs Technical Officers Patrol. The service had 1 ambulance and 24 EMTs. The service worked under the Cabell County Sheriff Department. Later, when curriculum was set for advanced level care providers Cabell county had several members to become the first West Virginia certified Paramedics. STOP eventually evolved into Cabell County Emergency Medical Services or CCEMS. CCEMS operated 1 station in the centrally located town of Ona, WV which also served as headquarters for the department. The city of Huntington, WV had its own EMS service, which was operated as part of the Huntington Fire Department. The two services combined in 1986 under the direction of the Cabell County Commission creating Cabell County EMS as we know it today.

STOP 1CCEMS has continued to make great strides in providing and improving emergency services to the citizens of Cabell County. In 1989, CCEMS played a major role in creating a 911 service which combined Fire, EMS and Police dispatch centers. Today, CCEMS operates 16 ambulances in 7 stations throughout Cabell County. Cabell County EMS provides Emergency 911, BLS, ALS, and Critical Care transport services to approximately 96,000 people throughout Cabell County and City of Huntington. Today, after serving the community for over 35 years, CCEMS continues to expand and evolve with the needs of our community.